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Advocacy & Charity

Enriching lives through travel, employment and opportunity

At IC Bellagio, we’re fond of saying “It’s all about the people!” and that doesn’t just apply to people who travel and work with us. We are committed to supporting our local and wider community in real and tangible ways, whether that means fostering the next generation of travel professionals, providing opportunities that empower and inspire staff or donating to local and national charities. Keep reading below to find out more about our charitable giving and get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more.

When IC Bellagio partnered with local Lezzeno entrepreneurs to open Palazzo del Vice Re, our unique boutique property on Lake Como, we took our revitalization efforts beyond this derelict historic palace to the wider community. CEO Andrea Grisdale joined other partners to found ProLezzeno, a democratic forum made up of travel professionals, craftsmen and women, people from the hospitality trade and progressive citizens, all dedicated to preserving and showcasing Lezzeno’s unique sense of place. With our extensive experience in the travel industry, IC Bellagio provides vital expertise and hands-on support to this important organization. Recent initiatives of ProLezzeno include beautification programs, free English lessons and web design workshops, excursions to nearby tourist sights for locals and a new visitor center for tourists.


American Academy of Rome

IC Bellagio is a proud sponsor of the Rome Sustainable Food Project (RSFP) at the American Academy in Rome, donating one euro for each person who travels with us to this worthy project. Founded in 2007 by inspiring chef, restaurateur and healthy food advocate Alice Waters, RSFP aims to provide a replicable model of sustainable dining for educational institutions worldwide. Capitalizing on good, seasonal and fair food sourced from local producers and the Academy’s own kitchen garden, RSFP provides a community table where scholars and artists can engage in interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue.


Thinking globally, acting locally

Supporting our local community is a team effort at IC Bellagio and we make sure our corporate giving program brings together people from all departments and all levels of the company. Donations we collect at office events like Casual Fridays (or the ice bucket challenge!) and dedicated charitable giving at the company level go to organizations we all believe in: whether it’s the local youth soccer league, the local ambulance society ‘SOS Bellagio’ or a nearby residence for the elderly, as well as other causes recommended by staff members.

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